Thursday, June 26, 2008

Make Me Believe

... in a Flying Spaghetti Monster. Make me laugh, this hard, this long. Guaranteed to be the best 0:48 you spend, today, online.

WELCOME ATRIOTS! (and thanks once again to Avedon, for making my hit counter spin)

Also, h/t to the Atrios of 2009, newscoma... and please, go check out our 4th episode of Healthy Chowhounds. :)


Newscoma said...

Thanks for the shoutout.
And, JP, you are wonderful.
When you coming to see me.
I have a private house next week.
Send me an email.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!


Anonymous said...

Ow. I got stitches in my face yesterday, and it really hurt to watch that.

Anonymous said...

As avedon (almost) said, that's strange you can believe in.

Unknown said...

that is the shit. bravo.

Anonymous said...

well done. That's freaking excellent.

Unknown said...

Cool. :)

Glenn Ingersoll said...


Danny Del Rossi said...

"You left wing, pinko, hippy, traitor..why, I oughta....oh crap..thats FUNNY!"

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