Thursday, February 16, 2006

Another KCMO Gift

He really likes the pen that P.G. sent. :)


  1. Okay, yer down to 450 now...and enjoy the balcony weather whilst ye may, as EEEEE-vil is 'comin' soon. :(

  2. Before you know it, Curly will get a mayoral proclamation naming it "Curly Day".....

  3. Yes, c'est moi.
    Among other things, I write proclamations. Once I was asked to do one for, of all things, a dog....Devlin, the dog mayor of Abilene, TX. Although I like dogs, I can't bear that I am reduced to such. So far I have avoided writing them for the likes of L. Ron Hubbard(they ask all the time) and the like. I recently did one for PETA's "Respect for Chickens" day and sure got reamed. Curly(and others) will soon be memorialized in a proclamation, I bet. Makes Friday afternoons more fun.

  4. pg -- Haw! pg, you crack me up. :)

    Let me know if it happens, please. Btw, I've avoided mentioning where you work, since a lot of folx have to be careful about their work/blog activities. I just wanted to be respectful of your privacy.


  5. Yeah, I got a bit carried away....must be the Diet Coke...or, more likely, the anticipation of wine later today. I'll get e-mail at home and post from there. But still, I think Curly and our other MoonBats' cats will be mentioned in their own "document." I bet other municipal leaders would reproduce anything I would be fun to get several proclamations for EschaCon II, our pets, and any number of things. March is "National Caffeine Month" to warn people of the dangers of caffeine intoxication, by the way.