Friday, August 01, 2014


Look Out, Laydeez.

Friday's Boys

KebMo's irises are NOT as restricted as I thought!

The Hunter Hunts. Kelvinator farts in Curly's general direction.

Dreamsicle Puss

At peace, and in comfort. Luv this guy.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another Thursday In The Books

Man, this baby was dizzzzzzzzy  after coming out of the spin cycle.

Bag o' Light!  Git yo' Bag o' Light, heah!

Un-deconstructed. Soon to be Project #2!

And then... kittehs!

Kevin likes his photo taken. If this were L.E., Curly would have hopped off the catform as soon  as he was aware of his proximity. No lie.

Lord Kelvinator, Master of Shadows. POE kitteh (pink-orange ear). Dreamsicle pussy, with most of the orange licked off.

Night gives way to Sleep, and Sleep gives way to Day. Day gives way to HP Tech Support, backflow testing and cutting up at City Hall with many. Then... lunch!

Today, that was 2oz. of chunk light tuna, and a cup of cottage cheese. Seasoned with garlic & onion powders, chili powder, and nothing.

Pre-lunch skritches!

Curly and Kevin enjoying a brief lunchtime lovin' session.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wanda Shots

Hiding behind the dumpster. Beer under seat: Check.  This is how laundry gets done in the heartland.

A man, a plan... BUSCH.

Total Eclipse of the Fulmer.

Hash Two

Lunch. Not as bad as it looked. 370 calories, too.

Lard (or mp), won't you buy me...

Kelvinator and Curly, man... a completely different dynamic than LarryElvis and Curly.

They get along great!

Humpday Hash

Wow... got lucky with this shot of Amelia, who is now causing kitten terror in her new Forever Home!

Isn't that lovely?  It simply screams, "EAT ME!" to this guy.

'Melia's handiwork (pawdiwork?). This, at 3 a.m. Tuesday morning was what started my day. I couldn't go back to sleep.

S'ok, though. I EFFIN' LOVE  EGGY BURRITOS! I plan to reproduce that image, btw.

Best news: Kevin is fully integrated into the pack at the farmhouse, he and Curly are completely copacetic, and I haven't had to use any calming spray for about 24 hours, now. See how comfy he is on my bed, beside me?  He's got such a sweet disposition, and a unique voice (now that he's found it). 

Wednesday Weigh-In

© Wader via flikr. Used under Creative Commons license.
Feelin' groovy... as in tha groove.  :)

Starting weight (6/2/2014): 218.0 lbs.
Current weight: 196.4 lbs.
Difference: 21.6 lbs.

We'll skip the nutridata this week. Many, many irons in the fire, but feeling good, and looking half-sexy!  ;)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Eggy Burrito Lovers Unite!

... and pledge to my very first Kickstarter campaign before 8/27/2014, The 20 Greatest Eggy Burrito Recipes... Ever.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

If Only We Could Get This For Assholes

On Curly?

Very effective. Drains all the stress out of him in seconds. Or has, so far. Used it to introduce Moe, and again with Lord Kelvin (Kevin) and 'Melia.

On Amelia?  She doesn't care if it snows apple butter.  :)  She's a toddler, and has a great and gregarious disposition.

On Kevin?  No change in his behavior. Still hiding. I would not have believed he could fit under the vice mayor's ex-chair, but he can, and has been there since the last time I couldn't find him, in the wee hours of Sunday morning. He's come out to eat, drink and poop, though. The darkness must be more comfortable for Kevin. He seems to suffer from bilateral mydriasis, which is permanently dilated pupils which can be caused by many different conditions/traumas, some gravely serious. His vet prior had no concern about it, so... dunno.

Now, because I am an idiot, I have to re-home both Kevin & 'Melia. The landlady objects to cats, in general, even though our original handshake deal on renting this house from her included moving in with Curly & LarryElvis, and she charged what she considered to be a fair damage deposit for both cats. I thought it was on the low side, and I won't argue the point that I took in these two cuties without consulting her beforehand, 'cause I was stupid enough to do exactly that. This is a case where begging forgiveness wasn't going to cut it, so I will make it right this week. It's my own damned fault.