Thursday, October 12, 2006


Just for Katherine Coble (PDF), Nashville's favorite not-a-Republican-just-votes-like-one.

And Katherine, I never saw your rebuttal on Jose Padilla RE: how the Writ of Haebas Corpus will continue to apply to U.S. citizens not declared enemy combatants by one incompetent boob.

UPDATE: After the appropriate goading at Kat's blog, she deigned it necessary to shoot back the following retort:
I'm not going to answer you.

Why? I do have an answer, but I just can't get into your gamesmanship right now.

And after your ReNAMBLAcans remark, I've no respect for you as an opponant [sic] in a debate.
Thin-skinned non-Republicans... dishin' it out, but not able to take it.

UPDATE II: Oh my, I do believe I have the vapors!