Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Further Scooter Shopping

Okay, as fun as the Vino is, its 49cc of Fury is not going to haul my fat ass to work and back... not without pissing off a lot of already-idiotic motorists during rush hour, anyway. Not being able to stay with the flow of traffic is not gonna work out for me in this town.

"So, why did you buy it, dumbass?"

Fair question.

It's great for running to the store, and if I can get some business near the bus stop to give me permission to chain it to something immovable on their property, Problem Solved. Otherwise, I have $1000 in it, and can re-sell it for that or more, I feel certain.

So, the hunt continues... here's what I've found:

1984 Honda Elite 125. 8000 miles, garage kept, all maint. records. $925. Dunno... a nearly24-year old scooter just makes me nervous. Plus, it's in Manchester, TN.

Hey, my scooter's bigger brother! A 2004 Vino 125! 900 "lady driven" miles (whatever the hell that means). $1650. I might-could see this one...

However, in the dreaming department, we have...

A 2003 Yamaha Morphouos (what a freaky name... freaky-lookin' bike, too). $3950 at the local dealer.