Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Few More Aftermath Photos

As you can see, ALL of the water on the main street in front of the condos is GONE. That's the sign on the left. The neighbor's washed-out van is still where it was, and there is debris in the road past that, so it's still closed off to general traffic.

Looks like two additional buildings here in the complex were affected, sadly. Lots of belongings out on the curb, awaiting metro cleanup crews and their trucks.

The other side of the neighbor's van, which is most likely a total write-off.

Richland Creek near I-40/White Bridge Rd. Yesterday, the water was over the rocks you see, here, and did not appear to be moving, at all. That car was obviously NOT a convertible, originally. This neighborhood is completely trashed. Many of the houses will have to be demolished.