Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Thank you for reading this.

Times have been tough for me, and the closing of East Side Scooters in October has made things even tougher. My very patient landlord would prefer to not toss me out, but he has expenses that make my "staying without paying" quite difficult to manage, as you might imagine.

I presently have some job prospects, but I am over $6000 in arrears to my very patient landlord, and as of now, he's been happy for me to give him just the current month's rent for some time, now. I want to do more, but that will require a job, of course.

My humble request to you is this: If you can, send a little to help me stay here with Curly and LarryElvis. Be advised that I do have an offered place to stay, but that offer does not -- cannot -- extend to the kittehs. If you are, or know of a local Nashville person who can take Curly & LarryElvis, please let me know. I have to have such a plan in place, and soon -- and I know no one reading this wants that to happen. Hopefully, it doesn't have to happen.

To those who have given any amount so far, Thank You -- I cannot in good conscience appeal to you, as you have done far more than I deserve, already. Some of you have sent me thousands of dollars, and I can only pray to have the means to repay your kindness. Honestly, I do not know that I will ever find work again, at this point. I am severely discouraged, as many of you might understand. Almost four years without a steady paycheck at age 48... well, one begins to wonder what the options are at that point.

Thanks again for reading,