Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Lagoon

Every sixty days, we have to clean "the lagoon" -- a 0.5M-gallon holding area for what we call "blowdown," or as I like to call it, "Distilled Essence of Percy Priest Lake." Take the lake water, purify and treat it, and send it out for distribution, and this is what gets leftover from that process.

It's nasty. It smells  bad. It's slimychunky and YUK.

(Country) Jeff uses a high-pressure hose to dilute the YUK going into the lagoon's drain.

(Country) Jeff and Mike hauling hose (with which I assisted after taking this photo... water is pretty heavy,   btw).

You can't see it well, but this is a "pit" beside the lagoon, which feeds the two pumps that pump 300 gallons/minute out  of the lagoon. We're leaving that water hose running full blast all night to make sure the gunk is thin enough to not clog up the two pumps. Hopefully, by morning, the result will be a lagoon empty of almost all the water, and nothing but slime should remain. Then, we spend the day spraying the slime towards the drain with high-pressure hoses, as demonstrated above. That way, the entirety of the concrete liner will look like the left side of the first photo, above.

UPDATE, 5/18:More photos from today's fun!

 (Country) Jeff at 10 a.m., having a smoke and a smile.

 Greg using a hose.

JP mans the gate valve with a fucking FLY on his face. I also had plenty of time with the hose, of course. We'd swap out, rehydrate, rest.The boss spent an impressive amount of time wading into the muck with the hose, I should note. And he bought our lunches, too!

 (Country) Jeff means business when the uniform comes off.

 Greg gets his hose all nasty.

A green turtle lives in the lagoon!  What it eats, I have no idea.