Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Local Political Interactions, Tea Party Edition

Subj: Please expand on property tax increase, if you would

I have received two of your postcards in the last five days, asking me to contact my city council member, etc. regarding a proposed property tax increase.

As an independent, I prefer not to dive into knee-jerk reactions on any particular side of an issue, including tax increases. I prefer to hear the arguments, compare them all to verifiable facts (such as the actual text of the proposed tax ordinance that would be going into effect as of this date, as proposed), and see who's coming closest to objective reality.

If you have the proposed language, today's tax rate & the proposed tax rate, I would like that information (a link to something @ would be fine), if you can provide it. Also, if you know the ostensible reason(s) that're being given for the need for the tax increase, and how you believe the truth or non-truth of said reason(s), that would also be helpful to me in deciding who to call, or if to call.

Also, if you are comfortable sharing the source(s) of the funding for this direct mail campaign, that would also be a factor for me. 

Thank you much, and look forward to your timely response.