Sunday, May 06, 2012

The No-Beg Beg

I have about $30 to last me until my Friday, 5/11 paycheck clears sometime in the next 10 days (we expect), so to earn just a little scratch...

I will send you a hi-res print on photo paper of ANY photo on this blog to your local Walgreens (must have a photo center, obviously... but most do), ready to be picked up in about an hour! Pricing is as follows:

4"x6" = $5 or 3/$10
5"x7" = $8 or 3/$15
8"x10" = $12 or 3/$20

What I need from you:

Address of your nearest Walgreens;
The post's URL(s) (and specific photo(s), if there's more than one in the post);
The size print you want (nothing above 8x10, please... it wouldn't print pretty!);
Your moneys, via the PayPal button, to the right. You can enter the above info in the notes section @ PayPal, and I will send a confirmation with a pick-up time at the Walgreens branch you specify!