Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A TAUDry Day

I arrived at 8:10 a.m. We spent most of the morning establishing the difference between a direct cross connection and an indirect cross connection, the different hazards associated with backflow and back-siphonage, and basic hydraulics. Then, we moved onto the guts of a Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly unit ("backflow preventer, or "RP"), identified the three pressure zones within a charged unit, and what happens inside the unit and on a test gauge when any valve is fouled.

Then, yummy lunch!  On the company!  With Ivy!  :)  She had to get quotes on a Gator, and all three of the vendors are in M'boro.

After lunch, we went over the different test gauges (5-valve vs. 3-valve), and we got to start some practice. I helped the guy in the black shirt. He did what I started out doing, which is forgetting to shut off the #2 shutoff valve BEFORE performing the relief valve opening point test.  :)

Dogs are fond of these.

We had another 20-30 minutes of class after the practice tests, and then class was over until tomorrow at 8:30. I decided to take the long way home, riding out TN 96 towards Franklin, and then taking Nolensville Road through Triune and Nolensville, and back into Nashville. Nice riding day. 75F, sunny... nice countryside.

My oil service indicator flipped on the ride home, so I stopped in here to get some oil.

Next to the auto parts place is this strip mall. I need a wireless refill.