Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Injured Reserve

... and I started to take a photo of my workplace injury, but it looks like a normal, human fingertip, so no drama to be had out of that.  :)  The nurse-practitioner had to use the bright, surgical light to even see  the tiny puncture at the tip of my right middle finger.

I was about to test a backflow preventer on a residential irrigation installation, when I got poked by a bit of fine, yet rusty steel wire (probably the remnants of the original installer's tag). Oh, shit. It was more than ten years ago that I had a tetanus shot. So, I had to report this, so I could go get  a tetanus shot on the company's dime. Actually, I have to report all job-related injuries, no matter how slight, so I did.

That meant Ivy and I were effectively out of action for almost half the day. See, any  accident reported means my driving privileges for company vehicles are revoked, pending results from urinalysis and breath test for alcohol (the latter, I passed, of course... as I will, the former, but that might take a few days). So, Ivy had to drive me to the occupational health clinic, and wait for me to be tested and treated. We were there from about 2:00 to 3:50.

Cleared to return to full duty, we headed back to the plant, and arrived in time to call it a day.