Thursday, June 21, 2012

Work Week (I'm FIRED) In Pixels

What did cross connection inspectors do with unreadable serial numbers before smartphones?

One of my customers tried to sell me his lightly-used Jet Ski, this week.

There's an RP unit for this home's irrigation system, hiding behind that thorny-ass rose bush. UPDATE: Actually, no, there isn't... not at the time this photo was taken. (Country) Jeff had removed it entirely to effect repairs on it. Because of the rose bush.

Oh, look!  Baby's first blood alcohol level breath test results!

A phrase you do not want to see at the health clinic... but there it was, in all its splendor.

I dressed up our company-supplied stress ball with a Sharpie™ pen.

They're genuine.

I wouldn't object to copping some ass.