Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Thought Those Days Were Over

... and I apologize for the truly horrendous photo quality (Droid Incredible 2 with digital-only zoom at full-crank, in very cloudy conditions), but I had to get it fast if I was going to get it, at all.

So, I was prepping the scooter for a short errand to Big Lots and Aldi, when I hear Curly, crying quite loudly. I had left the balcony door open to a cat-sized egress (61°F outside). Suddenly, I see Curly leap  onto the balcony rail.

I think I still had pine trees on this side of the building the last time I witnessed this. Years  ago, I'm talkin'.

I thought he was just getting too fat and too old to make the leap. Apparently not!


  1. Curly! He's still got the moves.

  2. Cats they just like to pretend to be helpless. ;-) Scritch that leaping boy for me.

  3. I loves me some Curly! And yes, he still has it :)

  4. And that is why my girls aren't allowed out on the lanai. We're 18 stories up, and I can't be sure neither one wouldn't leap after a pigeon. Or just leap. Nani used to bank off the windows as a kitten.