Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vape Journal, Full Week Two

"eGo-T"/510 vaping system w/2.4ml tank with replaceable coil ($6; coils are $2) and 900mAh battery. Filled with Nashville Vapor's Eye-Be-Blue blueberry nicotine juice.
I love not smoking. I love that even more than vaping, but only a little bit  more.

My biggest concern is that some cop will see this, and think it's a crack pipe, and then be totally unprepared and/or unwilling to accept a factual account of what it is, and why I have it.

Riding a scooter as I do, I can smell cars with smokers from many yards that are ahead of me. The smell of cigarette smoke now repulses me. I will not be going anywhere that allows indoor smoking ever again, I suspect. What a disgusting, awful habit.