Monday, March 24, 2014

Kittehs in Ivyville

So, I arrived at Ivy's about 8:45, tonight. She wasn't home yet, so I let myself in and coaxed Larry out, first, and then Curly. We were all very happy to see one another.

Here we have Curly in a food staredown with...

... Ivy's goggie, Tiny, who had an attitude about the guy coming into HIS house when no other humans were there. For ten minutes.

Once he saw that Larry was getting petses, he decided that Shall Not Stand, and I had a new BFF. Oddly, he gets along with L.E., and vice-versa, while he and Curly are at detente over Whose Food Is Whose. That staring contest was about 10", eyeball-to-eyeball, with the bowl right in the middle between them. Very entertaining.

When Ivy & the kids got home, L.E. went into hiding, and never came out again, whereas Curly hung out for petting and staredowns.  :)  The opposite of my predictions. Ivy's son Nate said he had L.E., Curly, Schnitzel (cat) and Tiny in bed with him  last night for quite some time, so there's some trust being built.


  1. So far, so good.

  2. So the boyz' social circle had increased greatly—and all is cool. It's great to see they're OK. Many thanks to Ivy and family for their hospitality!
    Bob and KC