Sunday, June 29, 2014

Firepit Happenings

I got invited Saturday night to a gathering... not by the property owners so much as by Ivy, who is a close friend of all. I was expecting a group of 5-6 people, maybe. When I pulled up, there were a score of cars and motorcycles parked in the yard, at least.

Ivy and Jensen (LarryFlowers' BFF!) were there to ease my social anxiety, as were some friends named Busch that accompanied me, under Wanda's ample seat.  ;)  I know the person who was hosting, so I didn't feel too gatecrash-y, but I was truly welcomed by all. What a nice group of folx.

I drank enough to cause my friends some concern, but apparently not enough to become an obnoxious ass ("You were fun!" was Ivy's take), so I accepted a sober ride from Ivy & Jensen at the end of the evening. No one wants to be "that guy" who worries his pals at the end of festivities. It was very nice of them to be concerned, and probably the better call, all around.

So, this morning, Ivy texts me to get me back to Wanda, as we had prearranged... but with a twist:

Click to embiggen
I was eating a Fat Mo's burger there at the end, a weekend reward.  ;)  It's so nice to meet new people, and to have your friends lookin' out for ya, y'know?  I hope all of you have that. Is it better than money?  Well, I didn't win Powerballs again, so I can't compare it, but yeah. I think it is. By a longshot.