Saturday, June 21, 2014


LG G2 (or VS_980_4G as it identifies itself by default).
I have a check waiting for me in Murfreesboro. It's from the shitheads at Asurion through whom OfficeMax does their replacement insurance plans on stuff. It's just over $200, to cover the replacement of my broken Asus/Google Nexus 7 tablet -- my second, btw. Now, the Nexus 7 is not a defective product -- it's fookin' awesome in every respect. But it is a bit fragile.  :)  I broke my first one (which I still have, and it works... but sometimes completing the simplest thangs on it requires several orientation changes, due to the cracked display/touchscreen) by dropping it onto a tile floor. I put it under my arm to take a piss, and the rest is obvious. The second (covered by Asurion!), I broke when I put it in my back pocket while moving, and bent down to retrieve a LarryElvis who had jumped out of my arms. *CRACK!*  Yeah, that was three months ago, telling you how committed to customer satisfaction those fuckeyes at Asurion are!

The point is, the Nexus 7, as a concept, is deceptively-sized. It's small enough to fit in many back pockets, but otherwise too big to hold onto in one hand all the damned time. What I needed was a smaller tablet or a phone that could be a WiFi-only tablet with a kickass camera, Bluetooth capability and decent storage space. Something I could put in a front  pocket with little worry of breakage. The LG G2 fits these needs.

"I am not an animal phone!"
It boasts a 13MP camera, which is more than enough for cat pixels and oddly-placed backflow assemblies' serial number confirmations, which is damned handy for me. At work, we recently has a visit with a fellow from corporate IT named Chul, who lived for a time in the Nashville area. Chul though for the additional $80/month it would cost, combined, for me & my boss to upgrade to serious kickass smartphones from our current crappy flip phones made perfect sense. There are too many instances where photographic documentation, ability to edit MS-Word documents (like our inspection form!), GPS live turn-by-turn navigation and whatnot would end up saving the company a shit-ton more than the cost of getting contracts on these phones. So, that may happen. But this company said we badly needed a PC replacement two years ago, and still we wait. So, nice words are nice words.

Chul mentioned that we have a policy for BYOD -- that is, "Bring Your Own Device," where employees can receive a stipend on approved devices/data plans, using their own tablets/phones. The G2 is one of those approved & supported devices. :)  Another deciding factor.

So, I still have to get all the drivers an' shit straight -- as of now, I still can't Bluetooth files back and forth from my PC, but I'll keep working on it.