Saturday, June 28, 2014

Moe Video

Look at the breathing!

Thurb over at the other place asked me to elaborate on how Moe joined the band. Well, it's pretty short & sweet. I stop by City Hall twice on a typical day -- once right after I leave the plant in the morning, and once before I head back to the plant at the end of the day. This improves communication, keeps all the paperwork synced up, etc.

As I was headed back to the truck from my afternoon stop, I saw Bruce the Meter Reader carrying a bucket, coming towards me. "What're you a-totin', Bruce?"

He tipped the bucket where I could see, and inside, were three teeny-tiny kittens. "Want one?  They're free. Just weaned, eatin' solid food now."

I dipped in, picked up Moe, and held him gently to my chest. He immediately climbed my shirt, and perched on my left shoulder, the favorite spot for a certain meezer of our mutual acquaintance.

"I'll take him. He reminds me of another cat."

So now, he's home. I gave him wormer last night, and will soon take him to the vet for shots and neutering. As you can probably tell, he's going to be a longhair (not my kitteh preference), and he appears to have tabby and Siamese in him. If he's pooped since he got here, I haven't found it, so the vet may be Monday... (Country) Jeff said he needed wormed ASAP, but that he was too playful and in a good mood to be too bad off. He looked at his gums to check for anemia, declared him pretty healthy aside from the worms. He has a healthy appetite, and loves the red dot game, and climbing Dad and other objects into which his teeny claws can gain purchase. More photos later, promise.

Oh, and Curly?  He got one whiff of the calming spray I picked up at TSC, and immediately became his loving self. See?

Peace in the valley.