Friday, July 25, 2014

Two Three Completely Random Thursday Photos

If you attend Lollapalooza Chicago this year, here's one of the thangs you will see. 
I was in the Dollar General store close to the interstate yesterday afternoon, grabbing a cold drank and a bathroom visit before heading out to the Remote Reaches of La Vergne -- so remote, it's actually Nolensville, but this ~150-200 acres of Nolensville is served by our water system. A guy I know who works at SGPS/Showrig was in there, too, and he said howdy, and asked me if I had five minutes.

"For you, Hud, I have ten!"

"Follow me up to the shop, then. I thought you might like to see some of what we actually do."  This is literally three blocks from the DollarGen. Okay!

I laughed my ass off, and wish  I had fired up the video instead, 'cause about the time I snapped this, they tested the mechanism that makes the mecha-Drinking bird dip his beak, and bob back up. It was a scream.

Guys from MooTV were there assisting with the rigging, so I had to shout-out, "Hey, y'all know James Duer?"  Of course they did. East Side Scooters partner (with Josephine, his wife) and ex-performance video director for Toby Keith and Zac Brown Band, who also worked for MooTV at the time. Now, every week on the job, I see a bunch of the stuff James sells these days for Victaulic. They make plumbing stuff, like big-ass ductile iron braces for fire systems, an' whatnot. I miss the hell out of ESS, but I think the Duers are a lot happier, and certainly financially better off, these days. I need to go visit them in their new home in Lebanon, TN (home of Charlie Daniels), very, very soon. I miss 'em both, a lot.

That bottom part made me LOL. I didn't need  to ring the bell.  ;)

"Mister Data, engage.".