Saturday, December 06, 2014

Mayor Santa

All us old people and grandkids show up to eat the city's tax dollars in pancakes and snausage.

City Hall Xbox tree.

Hyperlocal history: A scale model of the roller coaster that used to be in the field across the street from where I live. Millbrook Park.

Hyperlocal history: Looking east from just a half-block east of here... in 1885.  :) To the left of the phone pole in the foreground, right, you notice a tree in the far background. To the right of that is now where the Wally*World is located. To the left of the wooden rail in the left foreground is where Millbrook Park is, today, and where that roller coaster would eventually be built and torn down.

Roughly the same spot, recently (Google Street View).

Santa arrives!

"Coffee is for closers, Santa!"