Friday, April 03, 2015

One Day

... maybe I'll get back to music.

I like to write/record tunes of my devising. All manner of weird and conventional stuff. I have a guitar, right now. I don't have a way to get signal from the guitar into the PC, which I need in order to record.

I really like the latest iteration of the Allan Holdsworth signature models from Carvin. The one above (HH2) has a quilted maple cap; below (HH1), spalted maple with a satin finish, maybe tung oil. The one below would go for at least $1644 (waiting for a quote, since the options I wanted didn't seem to all be available on the site), which is not chump change. The base model is ~$1200. Solid white?  I could live with that, but that spalted shit (+$400)... dang. Just feast your eyes on it. Like Satan's cutting board.

Come on. This is a work of art.
But anyway, I have a guitar (prototype #5 of the original Carvin Holdsworth H1, in fact), so a new guitar doesn't do much for me. New strings for the prototype, yes!  A bass might be good, but... then I heard about Artiphon

Their Instrument 1, which is still in funding at kickstarter, but will be $400 list, and available in January, 2016, seems like a better way to go. MIDI controller, useful with at least iOS, and possibly others, later, this all works with the PC and software to do damn near anything, sound-wise. And, it's portable as hell. Recording it would also be a breeze.

And that doesn't count the freaky shit. The woman above?  She's using an iPhone as a bow.

The company is based in Nashville, near Antique Archaeology in the old Marathon Motor Works space. So, adopto-homies. 

Yeah. I'll just get photos of the HH1. I'll scrimp the pennies from the next job for the Instrument 1. $400 is reasonable. In the meantime, I'll re-string the prototype H1, and start seeing if I still have any ideas worth recording, first-off.