Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I Want It All

My $10 Android phone (Moto E, 1st Gen) which has no voice, text or data plan is complaining about space, the final frontier. As in, I finally can't fit another app on it. Which sux, 'cause I've moved all the ones I can move to the SD card (16GB), and all my photos and videos are stored in the cloud, now. This may be why my pano shot at Lake Leland did not store... anywhere. And the one nice shot I got had a nasty horizontal line glitch in it.

Yes, Google Play Movies & TV... almost all of that is on the SD card, as its approximately 17 hours of television episodes (SD card) and the app (internal). Those episodes are of The Expanse (whole first season) and the last eight episodes of Breaking Bad. Those are my "go to sleep" entertainment for my battery-powered sleep cycle. Start one, I'm asleep in 15 minutes or less.

All of the Google shit seems to have to run from the internal storage, which really chaps my scrotum. 'Cause it's all so big and heavy!

This is all I can put on the SD card, so far. I'd love to install MyTracks again, to help Brother Bob with the cool map action, but I don't know a way to force it to install on the SD!  Any hints?