Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Apparently, a unit on the other end of my building (or in the adjacent building) has caught fire. Curly and I are absolutely safe. There were two more fire engines here just prior to my grabbing the camera to provide this photo. No one seems in a hurry, so I'm sure it's a minor ordeal, and under control.

UPDATE: Even as I stood on the balcony, seeing as many as four NFD trucks in the newly-resurfaced lot (which is why it's empty, btw) behind my unit, I never smelled even a hint of smoke. Curly and I were safe as cheese. No hollering or banging on the door, no P.A. screeching for residents to flee -- nothin'. Just a couple dozen NFD firefighters in full gear, milling about, slowly, and leaving withing 45 minutes. Must have been a really small, containable fire.