Monday, December 11, 2006

I Suspect...

... her beau doesn't much like it when other old guys post her picture on their bloggies, but what the hail. I'm harmless. :)

At least now we know why there are almost no photos of the Blogdiva, smiling. Doesn't she have a lovely smile? Ah, if only I were a younger, more ambitious, less moral man... ;)

Sorry I missed the party. I got out on the scooter Sunday, with the intention of going to Berry Hill (I thought, on the ride there, that Mothership was prob'ly closed, being Sunday afternoon, but I loves me some Baja, too), but ended up in Green Hills, instead. Deposited a big ol' WKRN check (yay!), and stopped by the non-smoking Noshville just to confirm its non-smoking status... then, went to Box Seat for a burger (not Fat Mo's, but good!), a couple of beers, and the last two quarters of the Titans@Texans. Good times.

Let's do a test run of that blogger-meatspace-carpool thang sometime.