Thursday, December 07, 2006

Oh, So I *DO* Get Invited

... to play reindeer games, eh? :)


Scare me: Becoming homeless, clowns, Mark Foley (a bit redundant, I realize).

People who make me laugh: Jon Stewart, Jay Mohr, anyone who can make good sound effects with their mouths.

I love: Curly, biscuits and gravy... and hoppy beer!

I hate: Assholes, rightwing talk radio, insurance companies.

I don't understand: People who spend their days buying plastic Chinese crap to fill every square inch of their homes with useless shit that'll never be used, or will break in weeks, never to be replaced; people who hate "liberals," but love the 40-hr. work-week, the comfort of a SocSec check at age 67 (or before), and don't give a shit that BILLIONS of dollars WENT MISSING under Paul Bremer in the Iraq CPA; people who think being "a patriot" includes letting the government imprison anyone on ONE man's say-so, and opening up any American's every communication to government scrutiny, by default.

Things on my desk: A checkbook, a Compaq notebook, a cup o' coffee.

I'm doing right now: This damn survey, having the morning's first cuppa, checking the news for anything particularly irksome.

I want to do before I die: Pay It Forward -- all of it; watch G.W. Bush led out of The Hague in leg irons, see America regain her status in the world as a true supporter of freedom and democracy.

I can do: Most computer-requiring tasks, a passable Ace Frehley impression given a Les Paul, people-watching.

I can't do: Your taxes, a passable Allan Holdsworth impression (given ANY guitar!), ten concurrent minutes of Sean Hannity.

I think you should listen to: Me, dammit!; Glenn Greenwald, and Your Own Conscience.

You should NEVER listen to: Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Malkin.

I'd like to learn: Spanish language skills (conversational... enough to get me and keep me laid), CSS2 and beyond, more about JavaScript.

Favorite foods: Biscuits and gravy (already!), French Toast, bacon. I'm a breakfast monster.

Beverages I drink regularly: Coffee, water, beer.

Shows I watched as a kid: Star Trek (TOS), The Six Million Dollar Man, The Magician (starring Bill Bixby).

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