Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Echo Sucks.

Look; I'm sorry.

I tried to help people with using Echo as much as I could. For as long as I could. No one who reads here would doubt that.

I've come to the conclusion that it is completely untenable as a near live-time commenting/chatting system, and I will no longer be helping people navigate its issues.

dirk gently's FortyToo system (such as is used HERE!) is up to the task, and I will concentrate all such support efforts to that end, from here, forward. If you want to keep using Echo, that's fine, but I will not be answering any support questions about it, as JS-Kit isn't paying me to do so, and I think their product is frankly sucking donkey penis, and has little hope of ever improving.

UPDATE: To be clear, I don't hate Atrios, his blog or Echo. I just recognize that Echo cannot do what that site needs to have done (as many of you do, as well).