Thursday, April 29, 2010

Need Good Home(s)

... for two neutered adult male cats, approximate ages of 4 and 8. May need new (perhaps temporary) homes as soon as soon as possible.

LarryElvis is ~4 years old, Siamese mix (but visibly very much Siamese, with pale blue eyes). Very affectionate, very vocal and involved in as much mischief as he can devise. He loves to drape himself over your shoulder several times a day for a few minutes, and to be talked to (he talks back!) and petted... especially his belly and face. He loves his older "brother," Curly, very much, and I would rather not separate them.

Curly is ~8 years old, classic brown tabby. A very gentle, low-maintenance cat, he will still expect at least 30-45 minutes of quiet petting with one of his humans every day, in 10-15 minute intervals. Curly loves chasing a laser pointer, and is probably very good with children, but probably not good with dogs or even other, especially-dominant cats.

Both guys are accustomed to eating a high-protein, low-corn dry kibble, approx. 1 cup ea., daily. Both are litterbox trained, and other than expecting some love and attention are pretty self-sufficient. Both have lived indoor-only lives with me, and I would hope anyone volunteering to foster them would agree to keeping them indoors, only.

Ability to place into safe, loving homes permanently a plus. Please contact jprestonian at gmail.