Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Of All

DON'T PANIC. Take a breath, let it out.

Our mission tonight (and up until Friday) is to figure out a way for me to get $5100 into the hands of my landlord by ~06/19/2010, keeping in mind that I'm probably about halfway there once the project money comes in. I'd prefer not to take in the rest in donations. I told the landlord that one way or the other, I'd try to present a plan for his consideration by this Friday, 4/30.

As some of you know, I'm also apparently still in contention for a regular web job at the same place (different department), and I have one local friend who has a contact there and has put in a good word... but I have yet to hear anything from them, even after my follow-up with them to let them know I'd be around, working on the aforementioned project.

So! What can we think of to clench that job for me?

Any and all ideas welcome.