Sunday, May 16, 2010

Watery Thoughts And Observations

First, I'm beginning to hate rain.

Second, I wanted to share an animal behavior observation: Curly, LarryElvis and their water drinking habits.

I recently got them a bowl similar to the one pictured above, as Curly didn't seem to care for the big glass bowl I had been using for their fresh water needs. So anyway, this is one of those bowls where most people put food in one side, and water in the other. However, because L.E. tends to drop half-chewed kibble into the water bowl, the food and water are in two separate rooms, and this two-welled bowl is the water bowl.

L.E. prefers the left side of the bowl, unless Curly (who oddly ONLY drinks from the right side) is at the bowl drinking, in which case, L.E. wants to crowd Curly out and drink from the right side. Well, only for a minute, just to make sure Curly's water is no better than "his" water. Then, they peaceably coexist, L.E. on the left, Curly on the right.

Btw, after washing the bowl, I've reoriented it 180° the other direction, just to see if there's something each cat detects about one literal side of the bowl vs. the other. They don't. They line up exactly as before, happily drinking from the other side, seeming not to notice the switcharoo.