Saturday, August 04, 2012

Change of Venue... NOT (Updated)

I love FortyToo. Many of you never have, and that's okay. It developed problems in the last couple of weeks, and because dirk and I really don't cross paths online anymore, I hate to bother him with support issues. I know he's a busy guy.

So, I went to swap all my blogs back over to Blogger's commenting system. Nothing I did would set it right over here. So, I've exported the whole blog over to a NEW CATBLOG. Now, I'm leaving the old one here for now, 'cause I can only publish 25 posts at a time that I've imported into the new blog, and some people like to dig around in the past... kewl!  I just published the 25 newest posts from this  blog over at the new blog, so people could start commenting again.

So feel free to poke around in the past over here for now, and join me over at the NEW CATBLOG for commenting and updated posts. There will be no more updates to this  blog.

Yes, folx... I'm an idiot. NEW posts to this blog have Blogger comments, so we can stay put. Sorry about the older comments, but that was gonna happen, anyway.