Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vape Update

L: Kanger EVOD tank w/650mAh battery; R: Kanger Pro Tank II w/900mAh battery.
Having leakage, battery issues (stripped threads, won't charge, etc.), I slipped into buying some cigarettes the last few weeks to get my blood nicotine at maintenance levels. Trying to get back on the wagon. Still need another battery or two, I think (the two above are the only two reliable ones I have), and I still have to figure out all the tricks of the Pro Tank (Pyrex™btw, and heavy duty), but Ivy's an expert with those, now.


  1. ahh, you got a Smok now as well? After a month I am very happy with it. Just got the one and found I don't need a second; it recharges (every 3-4 days; i have yet to run it actually out but put it on because it just seems like a Good Thing to Do) in about 20 minutes and even I can go that long without. The twisty little metal band is kinda weird but seems to work. And the snap crackle pop with every good drag is quite satisfying. Got a replacement "wick" but haven't used it yet, I don't see any changes in the existing one so.... What brand is the other one, on the left, and what are the differences between the two?

  2. Smok is who makes the battery, yeah. Batteries of decent quality (as opposed to the 3/$15 ones I got from Hong Kong) are pretty much interchangeable AFAIKT. The other is a 600mAh from VaporKing, I think. The only difference between the capacity of the two batteries is the smaller one's button light fades to light blue as it discharges. The other one stays white until it blinks to say, "all out!"