Thursday, November 21, 2013

Value Drinking

I got pissed when Kroger raised their Busch tall-boy sixers from $5.49 ($6 even, w/tax) to $5.99. So I started buying four 24 oz. Busch cans (promo 25 oz. cans available now, heh) for $5.60 @ Mapco ($6.12 w/tax), instead. Hey, 96 ounces of beer is 96 ounces of beer, no matter how many slices you make cutting the pizza.

I am in and out of discount beer & tobacco places in my course of business, so I started noting who had deals. One place in La V sells these 32 oz. Millers @ 2/$3 ($3.29 w/tax). So three of these equals... yep, 96 oz.  For FOUR-FIDDY!

Thrifty me.