Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weight, Weight... Don't Tell Me

I'm fat. I've known that for a looooong time!  I finally decided to do something about it.

If you're a believer in the BMI, I am presently at the low end of obese. Still, that's fat. My aim is to get to the high end of normal (168lbs. would be just fine, not that I'll settle for that when I get there, but we'll see how it looks on me) on or before 6/21/2015, my 52nd birthday. We're looking at roughly one pound per week, which seems reasonable. The goal here is to build a sustainable diet and exercise program to insure that I stay somewhere between 163-168lbs. until I die.

I was afraid that this would be difficult, but it hasn't been, so far (today's a week, people). I haven't been ravenously hungry, and I haven't denied myself any foods yet. Mainly, I'm selecting better  foods, but not always (see, the nutritionist above says those McD's breakfast burritos are too salty!), and I'm being choosy about carbs. But in general to start, my main target is to stay 500 calories or more BELOW what I burn in a day. And not be ravenously hungry.  :)

I'm doing some physical activity, too, but I don't plan to push that nearly as hard until I lose the first ten pounds. Isotonic upper body stuff (to build muscle mass), walking, and vigorous cleaning at work will keep me active until then.

So, I'll be posting photos. Not nekkid, and not soon, but when there's something to see.  ;) Sorry to bore you.