Monday, July 21, 2014

Dollar Store Dementia

See this?  Yes, of course you do. It's a solar-powered 3-LED lamp I got at Dollar Tree. For... $1. Plus tax. So here, $1.10. Cheap, Chinese crap, right?

Well, sure -- what isn't, these days?  Amazingly, they actually work!  For now. At $1/ea., I splurged, and bought six.

At 5 a.m., they were still providing enough light in the bathroom to at least conduct a necessary transaction in there, if need be. And they were on from ~8:30, last night?  Yeah -- they automagically come on at dark if you leave the switch on (and shut off when there's enough light to charge by), which is a lot to ask from something that cost a buck, I think.

But I want MOAR.

Six more ought to do for the bathroom. I'm going to affix them to a strip of clear acrylic plastic, and put a nylon rope handle on each end, so that I can hang it/them in a window, and then elsewhere where a little illumination could be handy at night.