Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Humpday Hash

Wow... got lucky with this shot of Amelia, who is now causing kitten terror in her new Forever Home!

Isn't that lovely?  It simply screams, "EAT ME!" to this guy.

'Melia's handiwork (pawdiwork?). This, at 3 a.m. Tuesday morning was what started my day. I couldn't go back to sleep.

S'ok, though. I EFFIN' LOVE  EGGY BURRITOS! I plan to reproduce that image, btw.

Best news: Kevin is fully integrated into the pack at the farmhouse, he and Curly are completely copacetic, and I haven't had to use any calming spray for about 24 hours, now. See how comfy he is on my bed, beside me?  He's got such a sweet disposition, and a unique voice (now that he's found it).