Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Ever-Amazing Asurion

Click to embiggen.
I think I told them what I would accept. They aren't paying attention.


  1. um wouldn't it have been a bit faster and easier to just give them the name and PTN they were asking for? Asurion has the ins contract with my employer too and God knows they can be a pain in the ass, but sheesh. This does not sound all that unreasonable. I don't know the backstory here but still.

  2. After being dicked around for three months on a claim they immediately recognized as valid? After being lied to by every single person I spoke to, with every conversation ending in, "You'll have your gift card in 7-10 business days"? No. After involving OfficeMax, I had a check (not a gift card) two weeks later. They couldn't even bother to overnight it... from Nashville, and still it took two weeks. They're hurting every business who uses them, as Google will readily attest. Public awareness will either improve their service, or put them out of business, either of which is fine with me.

    1. What happened in my case is no different than the thousands of others one can find with a simple Google search. They don't need me working for them for free to improve their processes, and I refuse to do it.