Saturday, May 30, 2015

Caturday Delay

So, it's a Saturday.

Stranger is chillin' out downstairs in the bay window, where he cannot be photographed without a fiber optic attachment, so we'll get 'round to that, later. Perhaps.

It's almost time for SiL to go run the wrecker at Atomic Raceway, where they race nuclear wessels. That means quality time with the nephew. I've offered to go outside with him while he plays in the backyard pool, but so far, he's not interested. Maybe once Mom leaves.

I'd rather be outside!  Y'know, Cabin Fever. I got the keys to the Camry a while ago, and set off on my first post-op drive by myself. I went up to G-Vape to get a couple of coils like the ones in the picture, above. Genuine Kanger or not, coils are still a crapshoot. The Kangers are apt to last longer, but you still get the occasional one that turns to shit inside a week. But they're only $3/ea., so it's not a crusher.

Then, I went into Portsmouth proper, seeking the GasBuddy pricing so's I could fill up the Camry. SiL's about to head up to Waverly, and 1/8th tank ain't gonna cut it. I found gas for $2.659, which is better than the $2.799 average in New Boston. And I got to drive around, yay!

Okay, let's go do this.

[UPDATE] More.