Friday, July 03, 2015

Bored? Got Netfix?

Allow me to make a couple of suggestions...

In The Loop --  a dark comedy about low-level assistants in the UK & US trying to prevent an Iraq-style invasion which their Feiths & Rumsfelds are hell-bent on perpetrating. Starring the latest Dr. Who  dude (Peter Capaldi) who curses like a BOSS up in heah, as well as the late James Gandolfini, who plays a peacenik JSOC general. This is easily the funniest movie I have seen in a decade.

Ascension -- a six-hour mini-series from SyFy Channel about people who were sent into space on a multi-generational ship headed for Alpha Proxima during the Kennedy admin. Lots of twisties in this one. Easily the best  sci-fi I have seen since the Battlestar Galactica  reboot... speaking of which, starring Tricia Helfer, y'all. You will not see the ending coming.