Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Bus Fail

Okay, so... the little trip across town didn't quite work out.

I only had 75 cents in cash, and didn't realize that I could only get my free transfer for a route that ran directly from the depot on the next cycle of routes, and not the route I needed that ran an hour later (wtf?!). So, I used my free transfer to go the wrong direction so I could get cash back from my debit card, and then spend several hours realizing I could not make my errand happen before the last bus headed back to Westwood.

But I got to see redneck graffiti.

And I took a few photos in and around the bus depot.

It used to be a train station, and still is, also.

That's right, people... The Drifters are comin' to big ol' Ashland.


Ashland's floodwall paintings are nice, but not as nice nor as numerous as Portsmouth's.

Pardon me for barging in.

None of these are as cool as the Mercedes-Benz buses they used to run here when I was a kid.

At least the depot has free WiFi.