Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Saturday That Was NOT Caturday

Today's my eleventh day in Washington, and I have yet to pet a single feline. Four dogs, NO CATS.

But, I went to a garden party!

Fog Farm!  Bob's been having this party for over thirty years.

Freak flags: Flown.

Not Spin-Glos.

Also not Spin-Glos.

Much open range, and garden...

... and the kids ran around like little meth addicts.

Three kegs of Port Townsend Brewing's beers... including their very hoppy IPA. I think I preferred the Scotch Ale, of the three. Oh, and recycling and composting for all disposables/reusables.

Horse! (of course)

Spot the Guam. Who wants to ride a Grom.