Sunday, June 12, 2016

Friday Night Report, Finally

14:00 I'm applying for SNAP. I'll get a bit more than $6/day for food, and I might get that much for everything else, but can't be determined until July. With shelter and a scooter, I can do most anything.

Mile 2
Horseback riding next 0.5 mi
Speed Limit 35
Wavy road ahead (TURN RIGHT)

Tootle the horn and drive slowly...
Look for the trees, and turn right.

19:54 I've had a big beer.

20:11 Rain and chill. Early sleep seems the best of all plans! Will have PB on wheat. g'nite!

20:38 Arrived home. Parked the car, carried in my backpack and jacket, fired up some legal weed. Had a Hamm's.

Stepped back outside at 20:50, I heard a vehicle on the road, below, but it was no one for here. Not even casing the joint.

20:54 Started typing up this report. I have the whole first season of The Expanse and the last eight episodes of Breaking Bad on my phone's SD card (Google Play, yay). These, I will fall asleep to until I can afford others, but no matter. I rarely make it past 15 minutes with anything. Strap on, fire up, zzz out.

I'm beginning a weekend, here. Last weekend didn't feel like much of a weekend, honestly. I'm enjoying the minimal work I accomplished this week at the shop, but have learned much. Mr. Guam's band is re-uniting for a party Saturday afternoon, so I'll be there. Legal weed is LEGAL, bitches. Just so we're clear on that. :)

I think I'm in love with Washington, right now. Everyone I have engaged has either been funny, or tried to be funny. I am impressed with the sense of community and belonging. People really try when I tell them I'm from KY/TN, as they peg me as a trusting goober. :)

"Oh! We're as hospitable as NASHVILLE, fuckyeh!" I was told, by Rebecca Thranch-Idaho. "We invested Daddy's money in this head-freezer company that sounded like science fiction to me, but..."

[saved by the bell]

Okay. I think you may have lost an "h" along the way.
I'm enjoying the longest spring of my young life. I'm enjoying every sammitch. This is a nature lover's paradise. There are a lot of raw lands, lovely! Raw lands and tall firs.

I've still yet to pet a cat since I landed. Several dogs, but no kittehs.

WHITE German Shepherd Dog? Neighbor.

Yusef, the blind kitteh. Awwww. Luvit, now. May he be the pet the women need.

All who care for kittehs are my friend. Goggies, too.

Saturday post, next. PARTY!