Monday, June 06, 2016

Port Starboard

Lupins. The place has lupins.

I took my first shower in the PDT. $1/12-minutes of really nice, hot water! I only needed 50 cents.  :)  Pretty clean, but still wore flip-flops. It felt so nice...

I had a good day, I think, and I hope you did, too. I managed to help a little with customers, and even had people stop by before the boss rolled in. Got some lunchmeat and tortillas at the small Krogeralike. Took that back to the shop, and headed off for my coin-op shower, and then back to the cabin in the woods.

Where it is quiet. I mean the birds stop chirpin'. And when it gets dark, the hand in front of your face is obsidian.

I see sailboats every day. Not just the odd one in a yard, but ones that are seaworthy!  I see weed shops, too. I see young women who publish and distribute their own educational comic books. I see lots of bicycles. I see old people, and young. I see giant stone salmon heads popping free of the ground.

They also have Hamm's beer. I haven't had Hamm's in decades. But now I have.

I found a candle in the cabin. I lit it, as it will soon be dark. Trees already shade me from the west. I will go to bed early. But not to silence!  I have episodes downloaded to the phone.  SD cards and batteries are really cool. I will be re-habituated (to falling asleep to previously-viewed programming).

So, the day is late. I'm winding down, tired. I have strained muscles that the surgery cut through. I not only have to enroll in cardiac rehabilitation, I have to learn to take it easy, sometimes.

I came back to town to poop, and to post this. This is life, and life is good.