Saturday, July 09, 2016

Life Is Good!

... and getting better, I think. Looks like my echocardiogram yesterday was uneventful.

* Bed: Queen-sized mattress and box spring, two thick blankies and a comforter and flannel sheets! Even seeing one's breath in the morning inside in July doesn't necessitate all of that, but I do "sleep hot." The comforter is more than adequate at this time.

* Food: I get $194.00/mo. That's adequate, and better than a single old man might get in most other states. But you can't buy toilet paper, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, laundry supplies and laundry-doin' or even showers (yes Virginia, there are coin-op showers, here!) with SNAP benefits. So it doesn't cover everything.

* CPAP: Well, actually an APAP, which is an auto-adjusting PAP. It works great!  And records all kinds of data about my sleepin', so... excellent!

* Power: Now provided by marine deep-cycle battery, which has to be transported to "the grid" for recharging every other day. A solar charging setup should cost ~$200, and negate the need to move the fragile battery around. On a scooter.

* Scooter: Getting close to having it up and running. Need a new helmet.

* Toiletries: I have an application to receive $194 cash per month to cover all non-food items (hopefully this can cover fuel for the scooter, as well). I mentioned showers... ideally, I'd be able to shower every day, yay!  But that's not likely, soon. Three a week, then?  That's a trip into Mos Eisley, 12km away!

* Fuel: Gasoline for the car/scooter. I'm hoping LIHEAP will cover me for a rick or two of wood to burn in the cabin this winter.

* Begging: I'm going to beg Georgia residents to sit back and not read this, as they've been awfully generous in the past! In time, all of this will sort itself out, whether through Social Security benefits or freelance tech help to the locals, I am sure.