Saturday, November 25, 2006

BadBadIvy's Bone To Pick

Thanks for your opinion, Ivy.

I've always though Kat was adult enough to "play rough," as she has with me, and others. I treat her no differently than I would anyone else who does likewise. I like Kat, too, and I'm sorry if you or she don't understand or perceive that.

As for the inappropriate post at NiT, I apologized for that, and I don't much care if you accept the apology, or not. I'll take whatever lumps I have coming for that, 'cause it was wrong. I said as much, and I'm saying so now.

However, get this part straight: I did not "refuse" to remove the post out of some sense of entitlement or defiance -- I left it there so as not to be a revisionist. I don't try to hide or cover up my glaring mistakes.

That is all.

UPDATE: I should thank Ivy, since her poteau flambé drew me ~150 hits before 10:00 a.m.; I usually don't get that much until much later in the day, if!