Monday, March 04, 2013

Because You Can't Smell Me

... I have a confession to make. I started smoking again, some time ago. I won't make excuses, other than to say that I was having difficulty resisting the addiction when spending so much time with my two co-workers -- who are literally the last two smokers I know IRL. Well, that's not strictly  true... I guess I do  know more smokers than that, but I spend very little time with them.

However, the two co-workers have recently quit (one for almost a month; the other starting just this past weekend), and I'm all in for making our workplace completely smoker-free.  :)  Competition is good. Plus, I can use the extra $37 per pay period for being tobacco-free, right?  So!

I bought another e-cig kit about a month ago; this one is a much more substantial system, and cost even less than the first SafeCig kit I bought back in 2011.

It's larger than a cigarette, which has two advantages. First, the battery lasts a stupid-long time (at least a full workday, and generally beyond), and it holds more nicotine-infused "juice," so messing with replacement/replenishment issues is a complete non-issue. Set it up once a day, and Good To Go.

Secondly, you don't get dirty looks from people who think you're sneaking a smoke inside, as nowhere civilized allows smoking indoors, these days.

Commonly known as an eGo-T or 510 system
Anyway, one of the guys at work has had a similar system since the day I started, and one co-worker asked his advice (he's been "vaping" -- yeah, that's what it's called -- for years) and bought a system based on that advice. I followed suit, but I kept forgetting to bring the extra battery, or the charger, or the juice... derp. Then, my "clearomizer" tank started leaking. Despite my intentions to order new shit to supplement/replace these items, it was just easier to go grab a pack of Devil Sticks at Any Goddamned Store On Earth, and continue the undeniable self-destruction.

Lo And Behold!  The vaping co-worker-newly-quit alerted me to the fact that a new vapor shop had opened in my neighborhood recently, and tonight, I got what I needed, and have no more excuses. As easy as running to the corner store, it's literally closer than the nearest Kroger. And their prices RAWK.

So, good luck to me.  :)