Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another Thursday In The Books

Man, this baby was dizzzzzzzzy  after coming out of the spin cycle.

Bag o' Light!  Git yo' Bag o' Light, heah!

Un-deconstructed. Soon to be Project #2!

And then... kittehs!

Kevin likes his photo taken. If this were L.E., Curly would have hopped off the catform as soon  as he was aware of his proximity. No lie.

Lord Kelvinator, Master of Shadows. POE kitteh (pink-orange ear). Dreamsicle pussy, with most of the orange licked off.

Night gives way to Sleep, and Sleep gives way to Day. Day gives way to HP Tech Support, backflow testing and cutting up at City Hall with many. Then... lunch!

Today, that was 2oz. of chunk light tuna, and a cup of cottage cheese. Seasoned with garlic & onion powders, chili powder, and nothing.

Pre-lunch skritches!

Curly and Kevin enjoying a brief lunchtime lovin' session.