Sunday, July 27, 2014

If Only We Could Get This For Assholes

On Curly?

Very effective. Drains all the stress out of him in seconds. Or has, so far. Used it to introduce Moe, and again with Lord Kelvin (Kevin) and 'Melia.

On Amelia?  She doesn't care if it snows apple butter.  :)  She's a toddler, and has a great and gregarious disposition.

On Kevin?  No change in his behavior. Still hiding. I would not have believed he could fit under the vice mayor's ex-chair, but he can, and has been there since the last time I couldn't find him, in the wee hours of Sunday morning. He's come out to eat, drink and poop, though. The darkness must be more comfortable for Kevin. He seems to suffer from bilateral mydriasis, which is permanently dilated pupils which can be caused by many different conditions/traumas, some gravely serious. His vet prior had no concern about it, so... dunno.

Now, because I am an idiot, I have to re-home both Kevin & 'Melia. The landlady objects to cats, in general, even though our original handshake deal on renting this house from her included moving in with Curly & LarryElvis, and she charged what she considered to be a fair damage deposit for both cats. I thought it was on the low side, and I won't argue the point that I took in these two cuties without consulting her beforehand, 'cause I was stupid enough to do exactly that. This is a case where begging forgiveness wasn't going to cut it, so I will make it right this week. It's my own damned fault.