Friday, November 07, 2014

10 Print "Hello, world"

20 goto 10

Internet 30 minutes at a time, for now (and using Internet Explorer, of all thangs). Watch for my book in early 2016.  ;)

Made it from Day 0 to Day 8, the latter of which is where my story will start. Gotta go a little Tarintino on ya just to keep things fresh and non-linear.

Can you believe I'm wearing a 34" waist in jeans, today?  I cannot, I tell you now. I haven't been this skinny since senior year of high school, 34 years ago. Even these jeans need a belt if I am to walk (and I will have walked 5-10 miles by day's end, today; I should retrieve Wanda, tomorrow).

Is all well?  Well, no. But they are improving vastly, I must say. Not terribly thrilled with the whole idea of AA meetings seven nights/week to keep a roof overhead, but it beats being eaten by a grue, I suppose. That's how I like to imagine it, anyway. My first meeting was last night, and hey, guess what?  Everyone had to speak to the new guy, telling him how they'd all be running screaming at the evening's topic, which was the Magic Guy in the Sky. Parachutes, open minds... but skepticism, as you know is my natural state.

THANK all of you, and THANK THE FSM that I have friends like you. You especially, Ivy. :) Bob, nashvegasdawg, Sallyh, bluesman and Ed -- damn, I have no words, but I'll find them, soon. I'm going to do better after this reboot, and that's my promise to YOU.

I hope DWD and TV are doing much better, as well as jude9 and any others who I've lost track of in the last couple of weeks. You're all dear to me, and I hope you know that. I'll try to stay in touch here when I can. I can't recall the credentials for just now, but as I have no cats, well... yeah. Progress will be made.