Monday, May 23, 2016

Drink Up, Shriners

Koozies rewl. Koozie weather rawks.

Not that anyone should care, but I completed the doctor-recommended* 40 minutes of heart-accelerating walking, covered 1.4 miles and came back with a blood pressure of 128/74, and a heart rate of 89bpm.

Not that anyone should care also, but now you can keep tabs on what I eat and how much I drink by clicking this link, or the My Fatness Pal logo, top right of this blog screen. Smoking, I will keep to myself.

* The psychopathological cardiothoracic surgeon made that recommendation, so maybe it was to KILL me. He said I should work up to that much constant activity per day, not that it should be fast, but that it be contiguous, without rests.